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Our mission is to educate, inspire and energize people to work together to save our planet  from climate disruption. We analyse, explain and propose policy options to keep temperature rise within acceptable limits.

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Business as Usual will bring the world’s average temperature warming to 4.1°C by 2100. What combination of policies might best prevent disaster?
The En-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator is a handy, powerful tool for evaluating policy decisions.
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On February 22 2020, Reactor N° 1 at the nuclear power plant in Fessenheim, eastern France, was closed down after 42 years of reliable service. Reactor N° 2 is scheduled to be closed on 30 June. The  closures reflect the French government’s decision to reduce the nuclear factor in electricity generation from 71% at present down to 50% by 2035.

This decision is not based on any technical consideration, nor on issues of safety or economics. It is a political decision reflecting, and further encouraging, an ideology based on ignorance and misplaced fear.

Ironically, the energy shortfall will be compensated by postponing the scheduled shutdown of the coal fired plant at Cor­de­mais until 2026. France will be unable to meet its CO2 emissions reduction goals. The security of electricity supply in France and Europe will be endangered. Read more here and here.

The Voices of Nuclear reports on the closure.

Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy has filed a lawsuit against the French government.

See our blog post, A Baseless Decision and a Sad Day.


2019 was second hottest year on record (after 2016). The last decade was the warmest on record. And the last 5 years were the warmest 5 years on record.

Find out more from The Guardian, NASA and NOAA.

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Since 1971, the World Economic Forum -politicians, business leaders, academics, journalists and representatives of civil society - has met annually at the Swiss ski resort of Davos. This year, Greta Thunburg and Prince Charles were among the attendees.

Charles: “Just think for a moment, what good is all the extra wealth in the world gained from business as usual if you can do nothing with it except watch it burn in catastrophic conditions.

Greta: “I’ve been warned that telling people to panic about the climate crisis is a very dangerous thing to do. But don’t worry. It’s fine. Trust me. I’ve done this before. And I can assure you: It doesn’t lead to anything.

More here and here.

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How much time left until our CO2 budget is depleted?

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The death of Heathrow’s third runway sends a clear message ahead of Cop26

"It looks like the beginning of the British state taking the implications of the climate emergency as seriously as its citizens have now begun to. ... We can no longer muddle on with the pretence that ever-increasing demand for flights can be met while also reducing emissions down to zero."

The Guardian

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