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Become a Member of Saving Our Planet!


Here's Why:

Our mission is to avert disastrous climate breakdown by defining and drawing attention to essential, effective policy choices. Our message is directed to organizations and individuals who understand about the state of our planet and our collective future. Well-informed citizens will demand policy makers to make and implement necessary decisions.


  • Our website is an abundant source of information useful to many types of visitors, from the novice to the committed activist.

  • Our Document Library offers a wide range of selected documents related to climate science, energy, technology, economics, politics, land and water use, research and development, international cooperation, sustainability and other related issues .

  • We have a selection of interactive charts to consult the real-time composition of countries' electricity, sea rise over time depending on the degree of climate mitigation, and other subjects.

  • We provide a link to a wide-ranging selection of films and videos of all sorts – documentaries and lectures, long and short, factual, pragmatic and humorous, to teach and inspire.

  • We've produced educational documentation.

  • We  promote worthwhile publications and news on Climate Change and related subjects and follow up significant scientific and political events with articles and blogs. 

  • N0CO2 is an associated activity that mitigates climate damage by planting trees.

  • We participate in international events worldwide. The UN has recently granted us observer status at COP meetings where we'll have our own space and access to the press facilities.

  • We reach out to the public through our targeted campaigns, such as Exit Coal Now.

If you share our concerns, you can support what we do and help us expand these activities by becoming a member. You'll receive periodic informational mailings. If you'd like to participate in our activities as a volunteer, write to us at [email protected]


You'll receive an email acknowledgement for your payment.


Saving Our Planet is an association recognized as being of public benefit or of general interest as a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social or humanitarian organization. As such, membership may be tax deductible according to the legislation of your country.

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