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What is Climate Change doing now?

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Hot and thirsty?
The US south-west is bracing for record-breaking temperatures never seen before.

More than 50 million Americans are set to bake under dangerously high temperatures this week, from California to Texas to Florida, as a heat wave builds across the southern United States.

The world may have seen its hottest week ever. The El Niño pattern has barely begun but its effects are already starting to be apparent.

The UN secretary general said that “climate change is out of control.”

This is the reality of climate change.
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Cold and wet? 

Torrential rain has been wreaking havoc in such far-flung places as the US, China, India, Turkey, Japan and Spain. The northeastern US has been hit with massive floods in recent weeks, destroying roads and bridges and swamping people's homes. Torrential rain and floods will grow more common as climate change warms the planet.

Catastrophic flooding can happen anywhere!

"Increasingly, we’re going to be seeing events, whether they’re heat waves, flooding events, or droughts that we thought looking back at our climate records would never be possible," said Richard Seager, a climate scientist.

"In the warmer atmosphere, you can get both more extreme droughts and ... more extreme precipitation and they’re connected by the ability of the atmosphere to hold more moisture and therefore move more moisture from one place to the other, thus creating extremes on both ends of the spectrum."

This is the reality of climate change.

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