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Here’s what we do with our donations:

We follow the latest science, base our activities on these findings, and bring this information to our supporters. We build these findings into our training activities, publish and distribute informative blogs, and make climate critical data publicly available via an ever-expanding document library. The library is openly accessible and selected topical documents are recommended to our subscribers.

We access a Climate Cinema, which makes available a large selection of climate videos and we reach out to our subscribers with information about our latest acquisitions.

We create and manage campaigns to mitigate climate disruption and its relation to health. We’ve created an “Exit Coal” petition and we presented the results at the UN's COP conferences and to EU authorities.

N0CO2 is Saving Our Planet’s campaign to take the message about fighting climate change to the general public. N0CO2 gives people the power to take action and join in building a community to fight climate change and reduce and remove CO2.

We’ve developed climate teaching partnerships in France, Germany and Nigeria.

We have joint actions with associated international organizations with whom we have much cross-membership, and are officially recognized COP observers, and are active there and other international conferences.

We are actively building and improving our infrastructure to better allow us to deliver our information and services to our supporters.

Many employers encourage their employees to contribute to worthy causes, and will both match the donation, or even pay an hourly rate to those who volunteer their skills. Saving Our Planet partners with Benevity who are one of the largest organizations to manage these programs. If you're not sure if your employer has such a program, don't hesitate to ask your Human Resources for advice.

You’ll receive a receipt for your donation via email.

Saving Our Planet is an association recognized as being of public benefit or of general interest as a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social or humanitarian organization. As such, donations may be tax deductible according to the legislation of your country.

If your employer has a workplace giving program, your donation may be eligible for matching funds. If your organisation works through Benevity, you can locate our organisation by our name “Saving Our Planet”.

For further information, contact us at [email protected]

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