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Donations are the life blood for non-profit organisations like ours. No donations, no organisation. Here’s how we use ours.

Firstly, none of the people who conceived and created Saving Our Planet nor those who today manage (the Board) the organisation or provide the technical know-how, receive a salary.

Many of the companies who supply software or web site rental and communication methods have been generous, nevertheless there are residual fees.

Each year the UNFCCC organises an annual Conference of the Parties. The purpose of this COP event is to discuss, evaluate and decide what must be done and improved to prevent the further degradation of the world’s climate and its mitigation, set limits and hopefully, roll back climate to a healthier state. These are immensely complex issues that demand both social and technological worldwide transformations.

Countries are the parties who present and can vote on policies. In addition, there are very many issues and recommendations that do not come from the parties. Rather, they come from “Side Events”. Saving Our Planet is officially approved to take part in the Side Events and we’ve been present at all since COP21 in Paris when the Paris Climate Accords were voted in 2015. Each COP takes place in a different city and donations contribute to the transportation and lodging.

Saving Our Planet is constructing a newsletter mailing system that will be freely available to the people who wish to sign up. Globally, we are building and improving our infrastructure to better allow us to deliver our information and services to our supporters. This activity is helped by our donations.

N0CO2 is SavingOur Planet’s campaign where the general public can participate in mitigating climate damage while joining and building a community to reduce CO2 by planting trees.

Saving Our Planet has ongoing actions with associated international organisations with whom we have much cross membership and participate collectivly at international conferences and other venues.

Saving Our Planet is an association recognised as being of public benefit or of general interest as a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social or humanitarian organisation. As such, donations may be tax deductible according to the legislation of your country.

Many employers encourage their employees to contribute to worthy causes, and will match a donation and may even pay an hourly rate to those who volunteer their skills. Saving Our Planet partners with Benevity who are one of the largest organisations to manage these programs and deal with the paperwork. If you’re not sure if your employer has such a program, don’t hesitate to ask your Human Resources for advice.

The overall result is that nearly all donations are rembursed.

For further information, contact us at [email protected]


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