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Healthy ecosystems underpin human lives and economies. Fertile soil and ample water are essential for food production and plants often provide vital medicines. Mangroves and wetlands reduce the likelihood of floods and erosion.
Today, two-thirds of Africa’s farmland is unproductive, eroded or otherwise degraded. Restoring these landscapes with fruit trees, sustainable agriculture and other practices can not only boost crop yields and incomes for farmers, it can also improve the water supply, sequester greenhouse gases, reduce extreme heat and more. For multiple reasons; children bear the brunt of the climate disorder.

Saving Our Planet is now aiding an active project, “SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE”, in Uganda. The project’s objectives include planting a million fruit trees in a million vegetable gardens while investing sustainably in children’s future in Uganda, East Africa.

The project underway, will improve the damaged soil, sequester CO2, and provide a degree of security for the village families. The on-site project is managed by the NGO “Rejoice Africa Foundation (RAFUG)” and  is expected to be replicated elsewhere in similar circumstances.

Thanks to satellite imagery, Saving Our Planet are able to follow the progress and we'll be posting up-to-date photos on our web site.

African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative

Planting a Tree in Uganda
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