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Interactive Charts

Here you can explore models to show what would happen under different conditions. For example, you know that sea levels are rising, but you might wonder how much they will rise in the coastal city where you live. You might want to know what would happen if greater or lesser efforts are made to reduce Greenhouse gasses. You can even design the energy policy of an entire country! 

These charts make it easy to test various assumptions and see the results. We'll be adding new charts that examine additional subjects.

Click the image of the chart you want to explore.

EN-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator

EN-Roads chart.tiff

A transparent, freely-available policy simulation model that provides policymakers, educators, businesses, the media, and the public with the ability to explore for themselves the likely consequences of energy, economic growth, land use, and other policies and uncertainties

Surging Seas Risk Finder

surging seas.jpeg

You enter a coastal place, and you’ll get side-by-side maps showing the location with unchecked CO2 pollution, and the same place with extreme carbon cuts. The maps may take a few moments to appear. We hope you’ll be able to keep your feet dry!

Electricity Map

electricity map.jpeg

This map shows electricity consumption and production in quasi real-time for the different countries. Gives figures for carbon intensity: g/kWh, Percentages of low carbon electricity, and Intermittent (renewables). You might be surprised at the results.

Air Quality Life Index

Air quality.jpg

The World Health Organisation calculates the gain in your life expectancy if your local air quality were to meet their guidelines. The guidelines and much data is included for those who wish to research deeper. Take a deep breath and have a look.

Wind and weather patterns

wind and weather.jpeg

Worldwide weather is especially useful to show wind speeds which are critical to intermittent wind turbines. For example, often anticyclones cover large areas of northern Europe, and may last for days. Importing electricity from neighbours becomes useless, since they are experiencing the same phenomena.

UK 2050 Energy Calculator

Energy calculator.jpeg

A modelling tool you can use to test your own ideas of how the UK might produce and consume low carbon energy in 2050. We hope you’ll get it right!

Global Energy Monitor


An open guide to the world’s energy system.

Tracks coal plants, coal mines, coal finance, oil & gas extraction and more.


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