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We’re proud to support nuclear energy.

Nuclear Energy protects our planet from climate change. Nuclear Energy saves lives.

Nuclear energy is safe energy.

Coal is responsible for 161 deaths per Terawatt hour of power produced, nuclear for 0.04 deaths, even including the Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents.

Coal and biomass kill 7 million people per year. That’s 4000 times as many people as nuclear!

What about nuclear waste?

We have technically sound solutions for spent nuclear fuel, including burning the waste in fast reactors to make more electricity.

Can wind and sun replace fossil fuels?

Wind and sun are intermittent and require backup - usually supplied by fossil fuels (coal or gas). Adequate backup from battery storage is not possible for technical reasons.

More than 80% of the world’s primary energy is still generated from fossil fuels. Relying on “renewables” alone to replace fossil fuels means certainly failing to address climate change fast enough.

Can we just use less electricity?

World population is still growing. One person in 7 still lacks electricity. We’ll also need more electricity to decarbonise home heating and transport. About seven million people die prematurely each year from air pollution. We need more, not less, low-carbon power generation. Nuclear power is clean power.

Nuclear energy is renewable energy

With our new breeder reactors, we have enough nuclear fuel (uranium and thorium) to last 1500 years. If we include the uranium in our oceans, we have enough to last at least 80,000 years.

We don’t have a choice

We need nuclear energy to win the battle against climate change and pollution. We need nuclear energy to lift millions out of energy poverty. Ideology will not solve our problems. Only rational, fact-based decisions will secure our future.

Nuclear Pride Coalition

Munich October 2019
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Change of Climate Song
Brussels April 2019
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Paris and worldwide
October 2019
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