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What causes climate change?

(e) All of the above! The first 3 phenomena have cyclical actions of tens of thousands of years. This is why we have periodic ice ages. (See, Milankovitch cycles). There’s not much we can do about these.

Accumulation of greenhouse gases due to human actions is a recent phenomena and is likely to cause serious climate disruption in only a few decades. Fixing this one is up to us!

So if you answered (d), you were not wrong.


Fossil fuels ...

Answer: (b), (c) and (d).

If conventional oil extraction is at or near its peak, coal and natural gas reserves are plentiful. But the supply of all fossil fuels  is limited. They are not  renewable on human time scales.


We want our energy to be safe. Which of these energy sources causes the least fatalities per TWh generated?

Deaths by energy source.jpeg


Looks like it's nuclear!

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) offers a rich and fascinating source of climate information. Here’s a selection of NASA quizzes for you to test your knowledge and learn more.

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