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Isabelle Boemeke is a 30-year-old Brazilian model living in California, interested in science, and worried about the climate (as we all are, of course).

The more Isabelle learned about nuclear energy, the more she was convinced that nuclear is indispensible to the fight against climate change. But how to fight the misinformation-driven stigma around nuclear?

Isabelle’s answer was, with imagination, creativity and humor. And so she created a persona called “Isodope” and starred her in videos purporting to give advice on skincare and makeup, but suddenly flipping out facts about climate and energy.


I have a crazy idea: instead of shutting down perfectly fine nuclear plants we focus on shutting down coal and gas plants, which actually cause climate change? Oh, and don’t forget the mascara…

Wash your face really well because you want those pores as clean as you want clean electricity.

Then we put on some foundation and conceal – like , um, Germany trying to conceal the fact that they have one of the dirtiest electricities in Europe, probably because they focus on shutting down nuclear instead of shutting down coal plants.

One uranium pellet roughly the size of a gummy bear contains as much energy as 149 gallons of oil or 2000 pounds of coal.

Read more about Isabelle and enjoy her delightful videos here:

-Julie Wornan

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