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Nuclear, the Cinderella of Energy

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

In September 2018, fifty people met up in Amsterdam, invited by a Californian, Michael Shellenberger, to figure out how to create one public event somewhere in Europe to kindle public support for Nuclear Energy. The fifty -- scientists, engineers, writers, researchers, computer professionals, communications experts, bloggers, business people, scholars, environmental activists and just concerned citizens -- came from eleven countries in Europe and North America. The place they chose for the event was Munich, Germany; the date, 21 October; the event’s description, Nuclear Pride Fest; and the name of the newly formed group, the Nuclear Pride Coalition.

Michael is the founder and president of Environmental Progress, a Berkely-based think tank devoted to “fighting for clean power and energy justice to achieve nature and prosperity for all”.

This first Nuclear Pride Fest was a joyous event, showing the world that nuclear energy is worth celebrating. With song, dance, balloons, factual explanations, and our mascot, Melty the Polar Bear, the message was strong and clear: nuclear power, clean, reliable and with a safety record second to none, is the way to go - to combat climate change by reducing and then eliminating fossil fuels, and to free all humanity from energy poverty.

And then, on 20 October 2019, the Nuclear Pride Coalition broadened its scope by hosting a “Stand Up for Nuclear” event in 33 cities worldwide!

The flagship event was held in Paris. Michael honored us with his presence and a delightful speech comparing nuclear energy to Cinderella:

We all know the story of Cinderella. Nuclear is a Cinderella story. Nuclear is the cleanest way to make energy. There’s no fire, no smoke... Yet she’s mistreated by her fossil fuel sisters.

How do we know that Cinderella is the most beautiful one? Because of her small ecological footprint! She requires so little of the natural environment. We need only a tiny amount of Uranium, and only a tiny amount of waste is left over. A quantity of Urianium that fits in a can of Coke is enough to support a high energy life style for a year! We’re proud to be defending the Cinderella of energy, so we call ourselves Nuclear Pride.

And our mascot Melty bears proudly urge, “SPLIT, DON’T EMIT”!

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