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Write to Your MP about Stopping Global Warming

Do you want to limit global warming to 1.5C?

We can make a difference by telling our MP what we want.

What to write to your MP? Here are some ideas for you to use for your own letter or email:

[Your address]


Dear __________ MP

Urgent - Need to agree 1.5C Max at COP26

As a constituent of yours, I want to register my support for action to limit global warming to 1.5C. Also to ask you to register my support for 1.5C with the Prime Minister and with Alok Sharma in his role as COP26 President.

Like many people, I was extremely concerned to see the news that global warming has caused extreme heat and fires across many parts of the world including NW USA, Canada, Siberia, Turkey and Greece – and then terrible floods in Germany and the Netherlands.

Global warming is both a global problem and a local problem here in the UK

There are important actions the UK must take. I ask for your support for these points:

Stop Fossil Fuels

All, gas and oil must all be stopped as soon as possible.

Communication with the wider public about what they can do to help

Why has the Government been so reluctant to communicate with the wider public about what they can do to help? Because around 60% of CO2 emissions are from decisions by individuals about what we buy.

So surely the Government should be communicating about steps we can all take to cut our use of fossil fuels and to remove our CO2 emissions?

Stop subsidies to Fossil Fuels

Instead of subsidies, money should be redirected to cutting CO2 emissions.

Build Low carbon energy electricity generation

It’s a nice idea that “free” energy from solar and wind will be sufficient to meet current and future world needs. And meet the UK aim of cutting CO2 from electricity generation by 2035 as well as reducing emissions by over 50% by 2030. However the intermittent nature of sun and wind requires backup energy supplies which by to date, by default, have been fossil-fuel based, either coal or gas.

So, the reality is it’s time to look again at the balance of risk: The perceived risk of nuclear power as a source of low carbon energy versus the certainty of climate disaster unless there is reliable high availability low carbon energy to replace coal, gas and oil. It is well-established that the real risk of nuclear power is among the lowest of any energy source, even when past accidents have been taken into account. See

Plant Trees

I'm encouraged by the focus by G7 Leaders and others to protect and restore 30% of land and sea to nature, because planting trees can potentially remove around 10% of global CO2 emissions per year. Planting trees in the tropics is particularly cost effective. Individuals and businesses can remove their CO2 footprint by donating to fund tree-planting, such as to With this charity project, planting trees also provides paid work for families in extreme poverty.

Carbon Pricing: G7 Leaders “recognise the potential of ……. carbon pricing to foster cost-efficient reductions in emission levels.” So let’s make it happen in the UK! This works by tackling the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases – burning fossil fuels. When businesses extract or import fossil fuels, they pay a fee, which rises each year. The result is that only the biggest users of fossil fuels have to pay. This is already operating in Canada:

Focus on electrifying energy use

Electric cars have gained attention, but more infrastructure such as charging points is needed to make them practical for long trips. Now it’s time to electrify other vehicles as well as homes and industries, bearing in mind that the power sources for these conversions to electricity must be low-carbon.

Cut CO2 from buildings

Why the delay in implementing cuts in CO2 emissions from new buildings? For example, by eliminating gas boilers in new build now? And why delay rolling out cost-effective insulation improvements for existing housing stock, such as additional loft insulation? Solutions are well-known, but not being implemented.

Will you be at COP26 yourself?

It would be good to arrange a meeting with you after COP26 to discuss next steps to stop global warming.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your name

Charles Appleby, Founder

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

🌳🌳🌳 Remove your Carbon Footprint. Plant Trees

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